Sensei Alaistair Kids Martial Arts Instructor on the Nerang

Sensei Alaistair in Nerang - Combined Martial Arts Academy Nerang

Sensei Alaistair

Sensei Alaistair joined CMAA at 10 years of age to help with his confidence. 4 years later Sensei Alaistair tested for his black belt and there was no looking back for him. At the age of 15 Sensei Alaistair was is he would like to do an apprenticeship with CMAA and get his Cert III in sports coaching, which he completed 2 years later. In 2016 Sensei Alaistair tested for his 2nd Dan Black Belt which he completed with honours. Sensei Alaistair teaches 6 days a week at the Humbo at Nerang where he has a great following of young students who look up to him for guidance and leadership. Sensei Alaistair is one of the most popular instructors at the CMAA Humbo.

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