Things that we should do to be the best Professional Martial Arts Instructor possible

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We often talk about all the things that we should do to be the best Professional Martial Arts Instructor possible. There are, however, at least twelve things that we want to avoid doing. Here they are the first 4:

Don’t Argue. Logic and emotion are like oil and water; they don’t mix. Generally speaking, when we argue we become emotional and don’t think clearly. As our emotions become heightened, the likelihood of us saying or doing something that we might regret later increases dramatically. Also remember, winning an argument does little to win respect or friendship.

Don’t Blame. When you point a finger at someone else, three fingers point back at you. Blaming others generally means that you are a reactive person; someone who is unwilling to be held accountable for their actions. Blaming others puts your emphasis and thought-process on problems, not solutions.

Don’t Criticize. It is one thing to be constructively helpful and another to be unconstructively critical. The quickest way to kill morale is to criticize those on your team.

Don’t Prejudge. Unfortunately, it is natural and very easy to get in the habit of prejudging people. However, it is a terrible habit to have. First off, it is a waste of energy. Every moment spent judging others is a moment not spent on believing yourself. Secondly, when you prejudge others, you’re probably wrong as often as you are right. Therefore, you are going to miss out on a lot of potentially great relationships. ideas from Dave Kovar. ‚Ä®Please share your thoughts with your fellow blackbelts.

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