Sempai Olivia Keating Kids Martial Arts Instructor on the Nerang

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Sempai Olivia Keating

Olivia is your average nearly 12-year-old girl except for the fact that she is a martial artist.

What began as an outing as a 4-year-old with a friend to the local dojo whilst living in Bali, grew into a love of the sport. Returning to Australia and the Gold Coast she joined Combined Martial Arts Academy and 5 years later she has successfully graded and received her 1st Dan.

Olivia competes in Tournaments at State and National level and in 2017 competed at The ISKA World Cup earning a 1st Place in Synchronised Kata. She has consistently placed in the top 3 over the last 4 years in various events including Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons, Point Sparring, Clash Sparring and Sumo.

Over the years her determination, dedication and discipline to her sport has earned her recognition in the form of Junior Black Belt of the Year 2018, Student of the Year 2017 and the Bushido Award 2016. Olivia was invited to join the Leadership team at the beginning of 2018 and assists in a variety of classes.

She enjoys and does well in all school subjects and competes annually in the Gold Coast Eisteddfod reading humorous poetry on stage.

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Kids Martial Arts Robina

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