Sensei Cristina Zanetti Kids Martial Arts Instructor on the Nerang

Kids Martial Arts Robina

Sensei Cristina Zanetti

My name is Sensei Cristina, I’m 18 years old and have been training at Combined Martial Arts Academy for 10 years. In 2014, when I was 13 I achieved my Black Belt, the following year I wanted my First Dan Black Belt and in 2017 I headed to my current level, 2nd Dan Black Belt. I instructed in the past for two as a half years, and recently have been getting back into teaching and assisting as it’s one of my passions and one of my favourite things is being a role model to students of all ages and seeing them develop as a person and a martial artist. Kyoshi Bill Wakefield and the many peers that have trained along me throughout the years have shaped me into a confident and hard-working individual, which I don’t think would have occurred as much without training in and teaching martial arts. I have also taken part in tournaments, competing against other dojos and students around Queensland with my favourite event being extreme martial arts, a combination of gymnastics, karate and music. Outside of the dojo one of my greatest achievements was being accepted into Griffith University to study a double degree in Design and Business to which I have just finished my first year. I have achieved high distinctions at university and my commitment to studying wouldn’t be as prominent without the morals and teachings of Shotokan Martial Arts I’ve come to peruse in my everyday life. I have truly found one of my passions through being at Combined Martial Arts Academy and I will continue to train and assist with instructing for many years to come.

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Kids Martial Arts Robina

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