I would like to thank Bill, Michael and the girls for giving a great Self Defence Course. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely and learnt such a lot and all feel much more confident in ourselves.  Bill is a great motivation speaker and I have also recommended your company to my daughter's school at Ormeau."
Colin B - Livingstone Christian College

We love the message of anti bullying that Bill is teaching. Andrew is beyond extraordinary with the little kids and he teached them in a way they understand. We have watched our daughter grow in strength and confidence since beginning classes, we tell anyone that will listen how good your services are."

Mother of Angel S, June 2015

" I just wanted to express my feelings about Sensei Nathan & Sempai Marty. We are always quick to point out faults in people and some how forget to point out the good. I feel both Sensei Nathan & Marty are a credit to your team and you. They both connect wonderfully with the kids and they are calm, firm & fair. The kids loce them. Also Sempai Jesse who assists in the classes is amazing. The kids watched her do one of her Kata's and she was wonderful to watch - the kids loved that. Actually it was lovely to see what the bigger belts can do - it help shows the lower belt what they are working hard for. 
Keep up the great work Bill and Team!"

Sally, Mother of Evie & Joshua - May 2015

"As a mother, I want the best for my kids. So drawing on my past I remember a boy who I was in school with who did Karate. He was a wonderful person and very clear minded. I as a child always wanted to do any form of martial art but never had the opportunity to do so. Since I vowed to give my kids the chance to do what I had missed out on and I chose CMA because when I was in highschool Shihan Bill Wakefield came and did a talk and demonstration. His daughter was a year or two above me. He then opened a short defense course for girls who wanted to learn. I and a others jumped at the chance. We loved it and I for one still remember every move I was taught. I hope my boys follow the same path and learn how to control their attitude, emotion and energy into positive outcomes."

Nina, Mother of 3 year old Jacob - April 2015

"We have noticed a big change in Lauchlan and so has his kindy garden teachers. He focuses more on things now, listening skills have improved, is more respectful and always uses his manners. Lauchlan now has a 'password' and nearly knows his Dad's mobile number on top of his home address, and my number. He also knows not to talk to strangers.  I am very proud of the progress Lauchlan is showing, I am very greatful to have found Bill Wakefield and his team."
Tasha, Mother of 4 year old Lauchlan - April 2015

"I started Indiana in Martial Arts to help her gain confidence in herself. She is generally a shy girl who takes a long time to trust people and makes friends. She was having difficulty fitting in at her new kindy and making friends. Since starting at CMA, Indiana's confidence has improved a lot. She is still shy and reserved but has serveral new friends at kindy and is a lot more confident when meeting new people. She thoroughly enjoys who martial arts classes. She has a special relationship with her Sensei. She is learning to concentrate, focus and show respect all while having fun. Enroling Indiana at CMA is the best decision I have made :) "
Danielle, Mother of 3 year old Indiana - May 2015

"Hi Bill,

Jason & I wanted to write and let you know that we have seen a huge improvement in Cody's confidence in the last few weeks.

I took Cody to an indoor play centre last Wednesday. He went into the playground by himself and about 10 minutes later came running out saying "Mum, there's a big boy in there that punched and kicked me. He held me down and wouldn't let me get back up." There were no tears but he was obviously shaken. I asked Cody what he did in return and he said "Stop, I don't like it." Cody said the boy didn't stop so he defended himself. His words were, "I got him back,"

Another ten minutes later the boy and Cody were playing again, not together but with the same group of children. The other parents didn't need to get involved, which was a huge relief. Cody has always been the child to cry and shy away from confrontation, usually opting to leave where ever we are. We are both so proud of him. He dealt with the situation himself, the best way he knew how to. To instil confidence in a child at such a young age is a positive and powerful tool for life.
A huge thank you!"

Amber & Jason, Parents of 3 Year old Cody - April 2015


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