How to teach your Child how to Share

How to teach your Child how to Share

How to teach your child how to share - 18th June 2014

Children learn more by example than they do from instruction.

If your child see’s you sharing with others, then they too will share with others.........



1) Explain to your child that sharing means you care, sharing is caring. Explain that if they don’t share, then their friend can also choose that they don't want to share their toys with them next time. If your child won’t share, then take whatever they are fighting about away and explain why it is important to share.

2) Don’t yell or smack the child, but you must be firm when speaking. If your child starts screaming and carrying on, then give him/her time out. Make sure you take time to talk to them about why they are upset. Sometimes they may be an underlying issue as to why they are upset.

3) You must praise your child when you see them sharing, this will help to encourage & strengthen this behaviour.

4) Ask your child what they would like to share with their friends/family when they are coming over to play, start this at a very young age so they will understand the importance of sharing. Remember children learn by example, so it is paramount your child sees you demonstrating the wiliness to share something of yours with others.

It is important to instil into your child that sharing is caring; this is a great characteristic to have in your child's behaviour. 
Everyone love a child that shares!

- Shihan Bill Wakefield


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