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The vision of Combined Martial Arts Academy is to build and secure our community by helping people get in to shape, be safe and all at the same time instill the life skills and character of a true LEADER. This is embedded by upholding important values like courtesy, patience, respect, self-control and integrity. We will also help you achieve self discipline, high self esteem, a positive out look, a spirit of constant empowerment, and attitude that refuse's to give up. These values and life skills will lead to remarkable empowerment in academic, careers and relationships, literally making a better community.

Our Character Development programs are designed to help your child become more outgoing, make friends easier, and most importantly teaching them to try harder instead of Quitting in whatever it is in life. Your child will be less prone to bullying with the Anti Bullying Programs and is likely to be more assured and confident developing life skills in person. Your child will learn both mental and physical disciplines, self control, respect, confidence and Leadership skills.

We offer the following programs for new students:

  • 3-4 Years Early Learning & Character Development Class (Little Dragons)
  • 4-6 Years Little Dragons
  • 6-11 Years Beginners Karate
  • Teenage & Adult Beginners Karate
  • Weapons classes
  • Women’s Fitness & self defense Class

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