How to unify and create a calm family

How to unify and create a calm family

The key to a calm family can all begin with you.


ï Resolve family challenges. When your child acts out, it’s stressful for the entire family. Whether it’s biting other children, Screaming in rage, or being too shy to make friends - your child’s off-track behaviour is actually a cry for help. Enrol them in a martial arts that has a character development program, this will help you and them. You'll be surprised by the changes you'll see in your child after a short period of time. When you can see what’s going on for them and what’s going on in their mindset, solutions about how to change that mindset, and thus their behaviour, become more evident.

ï Respond instead of react. Parenting is a huge challenge. Just as your child acts out when he/she is upset, the emotional stress of parenting can send you “off track” as well.. Talking about your worries with a trusted listening friend/family member can help you think through a challenging situation instead of reacting.

ï Be playful, loving and firm. Discipline doesn’t have to be harsh. Likewise, being a loving parent doesn’t mean simply letting your kids run wild. Have your rules and don’t break them. finally, when you are looking for solutions from a place where there’s no longer an emotional reaction, you will automatically find more peace, acceptance and calm in the family home.

ï Create a bond that lasts for life.  These tips will help you maintain a close connection during adolescence and beyond.

By Shihan Bill Wakefield
   Owner/Chief Instructor
   Combined Martial Arts Academy

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