Weekly Tip - Maximize Your Team

Weekly Tip - Maximize Your Team

Your team is by far your most valuable asset as a school owner or head instructor– are you making the most of it? Like any championship team, you need all the positions filled, an amazing starting lineup, and a supporting bench that you can count on.

What does this mean? It means that you need to make sure everyone has a role to play. Even if someone isn’t leading a class, they should know what their role is. Having helpers to re-tie belts, set good examples, and keeping kids focused with one-on-ones goes a long way to keeping a class on track.

Think of this like your a half back protecting the back line– even if not as obvious, everyone role is vital for the success for the team.

This is the third lot of material that instructor should not do.
Don’t Be Condescending. A condescending person speaks down to those around them. It is as if their worth is greater than others. The only function it serves it to alienate those around you. Watch your tonality and try to keep yourself from appearing “holier than thou.” Don’t Hold A Grudge. Everybody makes mistakes; some people make them more often than others. But when you hold a grudge toward others, you give them power over you. You are still letting them control you emotionally. Remember, “small minds hold grudges, big minds forgive and move on.”

Don’t Be Easily Offended. How easily offended someone gets is in direct relation with their level of emotional intelligence. Give people the benefit of the doubt and assume that whatever questionable thing they said was not meant to be taken in a negative way. When it is clearly apparent that an insult has been directed your way, just don’t accept it. Remember the phrase most of us learned as kids, “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.”

Don’t Take All The Credit. Nothing is more frustrating that when a team works hard and has some great success, only to have one person say, “I did it.” Build your team by giving as much credit as possible to those around you. â€¨information is from Kyoshi Dave Kovar

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