Effects of Bullying

Effects of Bullying

Bullying has negative effects on those who bully and those who are victims of bullying. The Center for Disease Control looked at both bullies and victims, finding that those who bully are at greater risk of academic problems, substance use, and future violent behavior in adolescence and adulthood.
This same 2015 study showed students who are the victims of bullying are at greater risk of poor school adjustment, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and depression. Along with this came the finding that those who bully and are bullied are at greater risk of developing mental health problems and behavior issues that those who are only bullied or who only bully.
A 2013 study showed students who are victims of bullying suffer more physical problems such as headaches and stomach aches than their non-victim peers. Possibly this is a reaction to the fear and distress associated with school bullying.
Those victims of bullying who blame themselves for being bullied face a greater risk of more serious problems. Maladjustment overall, depression, and continuing victimization are some of those risks.
Bullying that is bias-based or race-based leads to more serious health and mental health problems.

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