Forms of School Bullying?

Forms of School Bullying?

There are essentially four forms of bullying that occurs in schools: verbal, social, cyber, and physical. These forms of bullying are prevalent during middle school years.
Teasing and name-calling appear to be the most frequently used forms of bullying, occurring at a rate of over 44 percent.
Rumors and lies being spread at school and over social media account for another more than 36%.
Over 32% of middle school students have been kicked, shoved, pushed, or hit by peers.
Slapping or other physical violence has been reported by over 29 percent of these students.
Almost 27.5% of middle school students have been victims of threats or theft of property.
Nearly 24 percent have been subjected to sexual gestures or comments.

A 2014 study by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development reported middle school students to have been bullied in classrooms over 29% of the time. Also reported was a 29% rate of bullying in hallways and near lockers, and almost 23.5 percent in the cafeteria.
This study shows bullying occurs in those places where student congregate. But only 20-30% of those bullied say anything to teachers or adults about the bullying. 
Reasons for School Bullying
A 2009 survey by the Teen Online & Wireless Safety reported the most frequently given reasons for bullying.
Showing off for friends was given 11 percent of the time.
Fourteen percent admit wanting to be mean.
Embarrassing the victim was the reason for bullying 21% of the time.
Twenty-eight percent bullied for entertainment.
Getting back at the victim was the reason 58% of the time.
Because the victim deserved it was given as the reason 58%.

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