School Setting Bullying

School Setting Bullying

Children spend a great deal of their time at school or involved in school functions from the age of 4 or 5 to 18. During that time, they’re exposed to a lot of attention from their peers, including bullying.
The U.S. Department of Education began collecting data on bullying in 2005. At that time, bullying occurred about 28% of the time. In 2014, a study showed the rate of bullying across the nation to vary from 9 percent to 98 percent! That same study reported 12-18 year olds to face bullying in the traditional sense 35% of the time and up to 15% of the time for cyberbullying.

A 2010 survey revealed 64% of children facing bullying did not report it. Much of the time, students don’t think there is anyone who will help them deal with the bullying. Unfortunately, some surveys back this up. 
Recent studies of schools showed, in general, policies are in place and training is available for teachers and others on how to deal with bullying. In most cases, the vast majority of school employees, (93%) know their systems have policies regarding bullying, but only a little over half (54%) have been trained in those policies. 

Another national survey indicated 60% of school staff know their systems have formal bullying prevention efforts ongoing. These efforts included school teams, committees, or prevention activities. But that same survey showed less than 40% of the staff were involved in these efforts.
With these low numbers, it’s no wonder students feel it’s no use reporting incidents of bullying.

To be fair, the fact that school staff have many demands on their time at school must be considered. It’s hard to make efforts at preventing or dealing with bullying a priority, even when staff is aware of the incidents.
It has been shown that bullying in school settings can be decreased by up to 25% when programs are put into place that are directed at stopping the practice.
It’s very clear these kinds of programs are absolutely necessary in schools today.

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