There is no confidence like self defence confidence!

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Warrior Club: Who are we?

We are an ELITE GROUP of students who are selected to be a part of an exclusive class weekly.
  • Our Warrior Club program provides an accelerated program meant to facilitate lessons while simultaneously striving for excellence in all aspects of life.
  • Our Warrior Club program allows you to attend multiple seminars, demonstrations, and training events.
  • Our Warrior Club members wear specially designed uniforms, stars, and trains in elite classes as the honor of having specific training class times with Kyoshi in a small group setting.
  • Our Warrior Club members specialize in Sticks, Bo, Sai's, and Grappling!

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Build Self-Confidence In Children Of All Ages!

Warriors Club improves physical fitness while helping you build your confidence & self-esteem. With our unique Warriors Club workout, we help you achieve ultimate functional fitness. Warriors Club workouts keep your heart and body in good shape. Try our Warriors Club fitness program to be ready for any self-defense situation!

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