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This month, we’ve been sharing tips and tricks to stay motivated.

So many of us hit our New Year’s goals hard, but by February started re-evaluating them…

Today, we’re summarizing the 5 tips we’ve shared to make sure you Nerang Parents have the tools you need to stay motivated and make 2023 amazing for your family!

1. The Trigger Method.

Establishing behavioral patterns can help you tackle tasks without even thinking about it: IF you dirty a dish, THEN you will immediately put it in the dishwasher.

It can be daunting to start the pattern at first, especially with little ones running around, but over time this “if-then” habit can become so automatic, you don’t realize how much you’re achieving everyday!

The mental stress of “I have to” goes away, and we’re tackling our tasks on autopilot.

Plus, this system is a great opportunity to start teaching those little warriors how to be disciplined around the house!

2. Plan For Failure.

When you embrace that life will interrupt your plans, you can keep the momentum going anyway by planning for imperfection.

Knowing that problems will likely occur helps us become less discouraged when it happens AND keeps us prepared to switch gears.

The challenges suddenly become more like puzzles, so we and our children can better explore new ideas!

3. Remember Your “Why”

Stay motivated to keep moving towards goals by remembering their importance of them. You’re committed to your goals for the future of your children.

There’s nothing more powerful than the inner voice reminding you of why you’re doing your thing in the first place.

4. Self-Care

Speaking of inner voice… Are you listening when that inner voice says it’s time for a break? Parents need time-outs too! Set time every week to relax and unwind. When you’re feeling good, your family will feel good too.

Watch how motivated you become with this tip!

5. Embrace Change

Even when you want to slip back into old habits that feel comfortable, be willing to try something new anyway. The best way to do that is to view change as a chance to evolve.

An open mind is essential to getting to where we want to be, to setting our children up to be compassionate people, and meeting all of our goals.

We hope these tips help you reset and stay on track towards success.

We can’t wait to see all that you and your family accomplish this year!

Make yourselves proud.

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