Weekly Tip - Before Your Childs next Belt Promotion, here is something to consider…

 in Nerang - Combined Martial Arts Academy Nerang

Before the promotion event, make sure that your child is ready. This may sound obvious, but it can be surprising how often some students don’t pre-check their requirements before their promotion event. Be sure they know exactly what they will be doing, you don't want them to feel nervous. You want them to feel confident and excited, so that they'll shine during their moment of achievement. Take time for them to practice in the classes & at home before the belt promotion and have them arrive early for a "dress rehearsal" just before they grading. This particular "Prep Zone" can play a huge role in the success of your child belt promotion and can help increase their satisfaction & self esteem every time they advance to their next belt! This is where a 30 minute Private lesson can help so much. 

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