Corporate Self Defence Class

Beginner Corporate Self Defence Classes Enrolling now!

Combined Martial Arts' Self Defence professionals can come to your workplace anywhere within the Gold Coast.

Our programs are designed to teach you and your staff how to use the latest self Defence techniques, in addition to those that have been used by Combined Martial Arts professional instructors for close to 40 years. Learn how to defend yourself when you feel threatened, feel your life is in danger or at risk.

This course does more than educate participants about how to use physical force to defend themselves. We educate, demonstrate and get you to participate in simulated real life events. We teach how to avoid risky situations by empowering your mental thinking, using self confidence and enhancing your ability to think ahead and read alarm signals.

We offer mixed group sessions, Women's One on One sessions, Corporate Packages and Group Packages to suit all budgets!

CMA use proven methods, mastered over 38 years as professional Martial Artists.

Some of the benefits of our sessions are:

  • Increased self confidence
  • Team building
  • Build trust and harmony with colleagues
  • Reduce work related stress
  • Physical fitness
  • And more!

Our programs are suitable for any fitness level, and are easy to learn and implement.

For further information about what we can do for you, fill out the request more information section or call us on 5527 4911

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