Warrior Club and Weapons Program

Combined Martial Arts' Warrior Club Weapons program is an ELITE GROUP of students who are selected to be a part of an extra class per week. Attending this class provides an accelerated program that is followed to facilitate reaching this goal while simultaneously striving for excellence in all aspects of life. During this program, you attend various seminars, demonstrations and training events. You hold great pride in being selected to join this Elite Group.

The members of this prestigious club will stand out from the rest of the students at Combined Martial Arts by wearing specially designed uniforms, stars, and training in exclusive classes as well as the honor of having specific training class times with Kyoshi in a small group setting.

Members of our Warrior Club will get specialized training in:
  • Sticks
  • Bo
  • Sai's
  • Grappling

It is common among Warrior Club Members to take leadership roles in the class room and outside of the school. 

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