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Leadership Club: Who are we?

Leadership club, are members promoted to higher-ranking members of the Warrior club. Leadership members are now high-ranking officials.
  • Our Leadership Club consists of selected students that show leadership abilities and are role models in and out of school.
  • Our Leadership members have proven their loyalty and dedication to the martial arts programs.
  • Our Leadership members assist with instructing classes once a week and train at least 3-4 times per week. Students, selected because of their proven leadership quality. They are hardworking, dedicated, and focused on achieving their goals and helping others!
  • Our Leadership Club members have specialized group training just on leadership with an aim to craft and develop leaders for schools and the workplace as well as what they can do for their community. We are creating tomorrow's leaders!

We will Design Your Child to be a Future Leader!

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During our Kids Classes, we stress the importance of technical skill and the everyday values needed to excel in life physically, mentally and socially. Children develop the ability to listen, to learn and to achieve greatness.

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